Status Update!!

Greetings, faithful Yesterladies listeners!

As you may have noticed, we’ve taken a longer “summer break” than usual. It’s November (!), we know, and we’re terribly sorry to have stepped away for so long!

Here’s what’s been happening behind the scenes to keep us away from our microphones: Dayna has been dancing her booty off in a local production of “Mamma Mia!”, and jetting across North America to represent the legal advocacy organization she works for. Heather, on the other hand, has been marching on the picket line at her college while they’re on strike, and juggling childcare on the side. It’s been a packed autumn so far, but we promise to record this month, and rustle you up a fresh episode full of the gutsy, daring, and patriarchy-smashing women you love! We'll post new episodes as we can, and hope to return to a regular posting schedule soon.


Heather & Dayna