Nefertiti: An Unconventional Mummy

Nefertiti is one of Ancient Egypt's most famous queens, ruling beside the Pharaoh with unprecedented equality. She and her husband turned the country on its head by instituting a new, controversial religion, and literally uprooting the capitol city, while redefining art and culture. But her death and burial are shrouded in mystery, and not even 21st century science and tech have been able to solve the riddle of just where, exactly, her notorious mummy ended up...

The Secret History of Underwear!!

We're making a sexy splash with our fall premiere, because haven't you always wanted to know just what ladies have been wearing under their street clothes throughout the ages? Linen strips, breast bags, knickerbockers, and girdles, we've got you covered! (Wink.)

Makeup: A COLOURFUL History!!

What do ancient Egyptian kohl, nail polish in imperial China, and red lipstick during World War II have in common? They're three of the many ways makeup has been used in human history for practical and social purposes! There might just be more meaning behind the history of makeup than you would notice at first blush...

Amazons: Myth? Fact? Both??

Was there really an ancient society of brutal female warriors? Or was it all a scary-sexy invention of the Greek imagination, much like our modern obsession with vampires? Like a lot of history, the truth may be somewhere in between... and the modern postscript to the Amazon story is pretty intriguing!